The shower is a feature of your home that you shouldn’t take for granted. After all, there’s a good chance that you use it every day! The last thing you want is to put up with a shower that’s not as comfortable, convenient or relaxing as it could be. Because convenience and comfort are so important when it comes to the shower space, you should put careful thought into your shower design. There are a lot of different aspects to consider, after all – from the showerhead to the shower walls. The following are a few tips for designing the perfect shower: 

Choosing your showerhead

There are basically two types of showerheads that you can choose from – handheld showerheads and fixed showerheads. A fixed showerhead is permanently fixed to your shower wall or ceiling. Even though they are fixed in place, they have some flexibility in their ability to swivel.  The fixed showerhead is the most common showerhead you can find. Handheld showerheads are, however, way more flexible. This is because they are fixed to a vertical bracket that allows you to adjust their height – not to mention that the showerhead itself can be removed from the bracket. This makes it easier to spray water where you want – especially for those that are mobility challenged.

Considering spa-like additions

Different showerheads have different types of features, some of which add a more spa-like feel to the shower that can help boost your comfort and ability to relax. For example, some showerheads provide multiple massaging options that are great for those that deal with muscle pain or soreness. You can also choose to install an entire shower system. A shower system often contains showerheads, hand showers, water outlets, body sprays and more that spray water onto the user from multiple directions. You can usually control these features by choosing to turn some of them off or even regulating the pressure.

Saving water

You should look into showerheads that are more eco-friendly as well. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average family uses 17 percent of their yearly residential indoor water use on showering. This adds up to roughly 40 gallons of water being used a day.  By cutting down on your water usage, you not only help to reduce your environmental footprint, you’ll also end up saving money on your water bills. The standard showerhead uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute. You should look for showerheads with the WaterSense label. These showerheads must not use more than 2 gallons of water per minute in order to be approved by WaterSense.

Choosing your shower walls

There are a lot of different materials that you can choose for your shower walls; however, the best option is without a doubt cast marble, also known as cultured marble. Cast marble not only lends a sophisticated and elegant look to your bathroom space, it’s incredibly durable as well. You’ll want to use cast marble shower walls since this material is custom-made from crushed marble and resins that will help prevent mildew, cracking, leaking, staining and damage usually experienced with other shower materials. Not to mention that cast marble shower walls don’t have grout lines, which means cleaning your shower walls will become a much easier task! Custom cast marble is also incredibly flexible in that it can be custom-designed to virtually any size, space, and shape with hardly any limitations. Cast marble can also be made in a vase variety of colors and patterns to compliment any decor scheme.
These are some of the things you should consider when designing your shower space. For information about installing custom cast marble shower walls or information on the many features that we can implement into your shower design, from custom size shower bases and shower seating to custom shower shelves, decorative trim and shower borders,  contact us by phone at, (770) 478-0770, or by email at, info@synmarandcastech.com today!

When it comes to counter top materials, granite counter tops continues to be one of the most popular options among homeowners. This is due to its general durability, resistance to heat and its overall aesthetic quality. However, just because granite is known for being durable does not mean that it can’t be cracked. The following are a few common reasons natural granite can crack. Hopefully, this will help you to avoid any cracking to your granite counter tops in the future.

  • Natural fissures – Granite may contain natural fissures within it that can weaken the stone. This can cause it to crack under the right amount of pressure as well as extreme heat. While in this case, cracks occur because of bad luck, you can still minimize the chances of cracks by avoiding putting heavy weight on your counters or exposing it to extreme heat, such as placing a frying pan directly on the granite after taking it off the stove.
  • Poor cabinet installation — If your cabinets are not installed, secured and level, there’s a chance that the granite will be more vulnerable to cracks once installed. Before having your granite counter tops measured and installed, double check that all cabinets are secured and level.
  • Standing on your granite counter top – If you’re trying to reach the ceiling for some reason – maybe you need to change the light bulb of one of your kitchen lights – then don’t try to reach it by standing on the granite counter top. First of all, it’s not very safe – especially if you need to lean over from where you stand. Secondly, if you’re wearing shoes, you’re more likely to crack the granite. Counter tops aren’t meant to handle your weight, after all. Use a ladder or a chair instead.
  • Dropping a heavy item on your counter top – In some unfortunate situations, your granite countertop can get cracked or chipped from a heavy object being dropped or falling on it, especially from higher distances. Make sure no heavy objects are above your counter tops that could potentially fall or be dropped that could cause damage to your counter tops.
  • New construction settling – New construction homes and buildings will have a natural settling process, a process where the soil beneath loses or gains moisture causing it to shift under the weight of the structure. This process usually occurs within the first five years after construction. Even though natural settling is to be expected, foundation problems, improper soil preparation during construction or extreme weather conditions will cause more damage to the structures and materials within the home, including your granite counter tops. Always have your foundation inspected when building or purchasing a new home to help identify any potential foundation problems before they arise.

If your granite counter top has experienced a crack or chip, you can call a granite fabricating professional to have it re-seamed, possibly repaired, or to have the cracked counter top replaced. For more information about custom granite counter tops, be sure to contact us at Synmar Castech today.


Remodeling and renovating an older bathroom will add value and beauty to your home. But preparing for this renovation that can take a week or more is important. A bathroom under construction will not be usable until the project is completed.

Basic preparation

Man plastering the wall with a large spatula.Have a new remodel plan that excites you and your family. If you are remodeling a master bathroom, inform your children that they will also be able to use the new custom bathtub or steam shower. This gives them something to look forward to in the future. It also helps everyone get through the remodeling process that is somewhat disruptive.

The bathroom to be remodeled must have everything removed. This includes shelving, pictures, mirrors, and other fixtures that may or may not be used in the new bathroom.

You can donate usable old lighting fixtures, shelves, cabinet hardware and other items you no longer want to Habitat for Humanity and other organizations. Old tubs, sinks, commodes and vanities may be recycled and have a use somewhere else. Many organizations will pick up these larger items. By donating, you are keeping your old tub and sink out of the landfill. Your donation may also qualify as a tax deduction.

The professional contractor renovating your bathroom will remove heavy items and tear up old flooring. There is bound to be dust and dirt so be prepared to do a little cleaning if necessary. Your contractor will tell you if you how you can assist in removing items or cleaning during the construction process.

Contingency plan

It’s always good if your home has another bathroom. If the remodeled bathroom is a guest bathroom or master bath, you will have at least one other full bathroom to use.  If the second bathroom is only a half-bath without a tub or shower, make arrangements to bathe somewhere else such as a health club, or at a friend or family’s home.

Professional services

Always work with professional contractors, plumbers and electricians when remodeling a bathroom. The process will be much quicker than a do-it-yourself project, and will help eliminate potential problems that may occur.

Synmar and Castech serves the Greater Atlanta area with custom bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Our company designs bathrooms with the finest granite, marble, quartz and other solid surface products. We can also refer you to a licensed, insured contractor if you are looking for full remodeling turnkey services.

Installation is quick and professional with a finished product that you and your family will enjoy. Contact us for a free consultation with our Synmar and Castech professional design team.


The minerals of Georgia have provided beautiful and sturdy building materials for hundreds of years. From our roads to our home interiors, marble, natural granite and other rocks have smoothed our path of progress. With the 21st century, new materials that draw on the noble history of natural granite, slate, and various schists from around Georgia are offering designers and homeowners wonderful new options in custom fabricated countertops.

Solid Surface Custom Fabricated Countertops

new-7Traditional—and still admirable—countertop materials used for magnificent kitchens, wet bars, bathroom sinks and other surfaces have included these tried-and-true favorites:

Because of major technological breakthroughs, solid surface has emerged as a splendid option for combining the beauty and colors of traditional minerals with the resiliency, durability and seamlessness of cast materials.

Why Resin?

With Georgia’s ample resources of marble, granite and other rocks, homeowners may wonder why solid surface materials are even necessary. Georgia minerals have served ably for generations to build our roads, brighten our home exteriors and create countertops.

Take those same historic minerals and combine them with the properties of resins and casting materials and you have the best of tradition and advanced science. Solid surface provides the natural look of real stone while offering the best benefits of modern plastics.

World of Opportunities

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) offers courses for installers and technicians to gain the specialized training to work with solid surface materials. This intense training is needed because this revolutionary solid surface product is the raw material that provides enormous flexibility in selection:

  • Color
  • Shape—Because solid surface is cast from resin and minerals, it can be configured to any shape, any space
  • Molded-in sink—Your counter and sink are a seamless, continuous piece, with five designs available
  • Edge design—Ogee, bull nose, chamfer, ¼-inch round over, ¾-inch round over
  • Backsplash design

Superior Service

careA solid surface custom fabricated countertop provides superior service for years. From careful color selection to complete control over the countertop shape, including built-in features, homeowners and designers have absolute mastery over the results. The material itself answers many issues:

  • Non-porous—No worries about bacteria, mold or mildew forming from a wet environment
  • Warp-resistant—Because it does not absorbs moisture, it’s resistant against twisting and deflection
  • Nearly stain-proof—Easy wipe-up or, for tougher stains, a gentle sanding
  • Scratches are never a problem—scratches can be easily sanded out
  • Homogeneous material all the way through—An unfortunate nick or gouge never stands out and is easily repaired


Solid surface gives an interior designer or homeowner in total control of the final appearance of the kitchen countertops. With careful planning, built-in options can provide years of worry-free use. For every location in a kitchen, a built-in accessory can help:

  • By the stove, consider ThermoRod trivets for convenient placement of freshly baked goods or cooked foods
  • For fast cleanup, imagine running a cleaning sponge across the countertop and directly into the cast-in sink, with no seams, no ridges, and no transitions from solid surface countertop to sink
  • Next to the cast sink, consider a built-in drainage board that will never harbor bacteria, breed mold, or give mildew a foothold

Designers’ Choice

Solid surface custom fabricated countertops for kitchens, bars and baths are the designers’ best choice. Because of the wide range of sturdy resin pigments, more than 55 color options are available. Bring in a swatch, tile, paint chip or laminate floor sample and select the ideal color:

  • Contrast for a bold look
  • Complementary to tie countertops to cabinets and floor
  • Analogous for serene and calming effects
  • Triadic schemes for vibrant, upbeat looks

With solid surface custom fabricated countertops, your imagination can know no limits.

New Stainless Steel SinkGranite countertops add an air of sophistication to your bathroom or kitchen remodel, but the expense and upkeep turn many buyers away. The porous nature of granite leaves it susceptible to water damage, so it’s important that you have the granite slab water tested after it’s installed. The test will determine whether or not the slab needs to be sealed, a process that adds a waterproof barrier to the stone, which causes moisture to bead on the surface instead of leaking into the granite.

Sealing your countertop takes only a few minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the stone, and the number of coats you need to apply. You’ll need some granite cleaner and a bottle of granite sealant. The application process varies slightly from brand to brand, so follow the instructions on the bottle that you use.

An unsealed or improperly sealed granite countertop can cause several problems. First, any liquid that gets spilled on the surface will penetrate into the stone and leave a stain. This is especially true of acidic drinks, like soda, citrus juices and alcohol. Each of these stains detract from the aesthetics of the stone, and make it look dirty. Second, unsealed granite is a potential health hazard for the family. Bacteria and other germs love to hide in the crevices on the counter, and it’s almost impossible to kill them all.

The water test is a straightforward test that you can perform on your own.

  1. Start with a small water sample, usually about 1/4 cup.
  2. Pour the water onto a small section of the granite and start a timer.
  3. Stop the timer when the granite becomes darkened, an indication that the water penetrated the granite.
  4. Water absorbs into granite at different speeds
    • Less than five minutes: This is a very porous piece of granite. You’ll need to apply sealant regularly and be vigilant about cleaning up spills quickly.
    • About five minutes: At this point the granite resists penetration, but still allows the water in. You’ll need to include a couple of layers of sealant, but the seal should last several years.
    • About ten minutes: The granite shows signs of significant water resistance. You’ll want to add at least a single layer of sealant; however, it will be years before you need to address water proofing the granite again.
    • More than thirty minutes: If the water doesn’t absorb for more than half an hour, the granite is not porous enough to require a sealant, or the fabricator already applied a sealant coating.

5. In all cases you’ll want to take a few minutes to check the state of the sealant every year or so, depending on the color of the stone. Light colored granite needs to be checked every 12-36 months, but dark colored stone can go as long as five years between tests if you gave the stone a good seal the first time around. The test takes a half hour at most, and spotting a potential problem with the seal on your granite is well worth the time.

Being proactive in granite countertop maintenance is the key to avoiding etching and other damage on your beautiful stone. The design team at Synmar & Castech can walk you through all of your choices in granite countertops, and leave you with a stunning kitchen or bathroom. Contact us today, and don’t waste any more time making your dream home become a reality.


Our Wide Variety of Custom Bathtubs

As your dream bathroom renovation begins to take shape, you may find yourself staring at a gaping hole where your new bathtub should be. Will you settle for some big-box store, off-the-shelf tub, or will you indulge in a custom bathtub available from a high quality provider like Synmar and Castech? Bathroom remodels have been known to return more on homeowners’ investments than any other renovation. If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, why not step it up and upgrade to the sort of tub that reminds you of a posh resort, beautifully appointed presidential hotel suite, or owner’s cabin of a luxury ocean liner? Consider the many advantages, beyond the long-term investment, of amazing custom bathtubsbeautiful cast marble bath tub

Shape of Things to Come

Our luxurious custom bathtubs come in three shapes to provide you with ready answers to any space or design challenge:

  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Corner

For each of these general shapes, you can choose from several design options. We at Synmar and Castech are proud to offer three rectangular custom bathtubs, three oval baths, and two corner custom bathtubs to fit any space. Whether you need to accommodate two people in one cozy tub, a short bath, or a tight corner space, we have the custom bathtub to help.

Rectangular baths include these three designs:
  • The Marseille—six feet of pampered luxury
  • The St. Maritz—a six-foot hourglass shape to cradle younew-1
  • The Seville—a five-foot tub with jets available in six colors
Oval baths are offered in three arrangements:
  • The Lausanne—a six-foot cocoon of warmth
  • The Odessa—large enough for two to bathe away stress, or heat things up
  • The Valletta—a five-foot gem for tighter spaces
Corner baths typically provide for dramatic staging, help solve layout riddles, and make for easy entry and exit:
  • The Leiden
  • The Venice

Nice Finish

Our custom bathtubs offer many choices in finish, through the amazing technology of cast marble, or cultured marble. Cast marble custom bathtubs allow for a beautiful, smooth finish that requires almost no maintenance. From a wide selection of colors and patterns, you choose the perfect accent color, complementary tone, or adjacent color to work with new or existing bathroom features.

The tough, bacteria-resistant cast marble surface cleans easily with non-abrasive spray. You can spend time luxuriating in your custom bathtub without worrying about a lot of bending, scrubbing, and sanitizing.

Custom Bathtubs

When we at Synmar and Castech say “custom bathtub,” we mean custom, from the pipes up! Your new bathtub can be made to your exact specifications:

  • size
  • color
  • shape
  •  drain location
Further, we can help you select from features that set your custom bathtub apart from the rest:
  • whirlpool jets
  • air/bubble bathtubs
  • whirlpool and air bath combination
  • bathtub heaters
  • tub lighting


Whether you want to cast a calming, serene mood with your custom bathtub, need a sturdy soaking tub for the family athlete, or want a romantic getaway right in your own home, our custom bathtubs and whirlpool baths are a showroom visit away.7-G

Imagine stepping into your new bathroom accented by gently glowing candles, and slipping into a deep, enveloping tub of bubbles and warmth. Imagine easing aches and pains with therapeutic soaks. Or consider the family fun of scrubbing the little ones in a bathtub that can handle all the toy tugboats and bubble bath monsters your kids can create.

Here to Help

At Synmar and Castech we are ready to show you our many custom bathtub offerings, but more important, we are ready to listen. We want to work with you to help you realize your dream of an ideal bathroom environment. Stop in today, or contact us, to discuss how we can provide you with the custom bathtub perfect for your needs.


granite kitchen countertopCountertop tests are not for the faint of heart. As you debate which type of countertop is right for your home, you should assess the challenges the surface must withstand on a regular, if not daily, basis. If your home is like many others, your kitchen is one busy place, with people preparing food — hot, cold, sticky food and probably cheesy food — at all hours of the day.

The spills they leave in their wake may be one thing, but the tools they brandish along the way – including meat mallets, rolling pins, knives and pizza cutters – are enough to get your heart pounding. And those hot and heavy gadgets?

Your new countertop might have to stand up to a toaster oven, waffle maker, quesadilla maker and maybe even the drips and sizzles of an indoor grill or deep fryer. If you’ve resigned yourself to forsake a stunningly beautiful surface in the interest of durability, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that granite is one the best of all options. Yes, ceramic tile, stainless steel and butcher block countertops suit some people’s taste. However, granite earns “extra credit” on every conceivable benchmark, including durability, care and maintenance, style, cost and economy of scale. Consider:

  • Granite countertops are virtually scratch-resistant. An igneous rock consisting mostly of quartz and feldspar, granite is tough and strong.
  • Granite countertops are virtually impervious to extreme temperatures, meaning that they tolerate hot dishes that come right out of the oven and freezing tubs of ice cream that might fall right out of your freezer.
  • Granite is easy to clean, requiring a little amount of soap and water, for a quick clean-up, only warm water and a soft towel.
  • Granite countertops require minimal maintenance. A topical sealer, applied about once per year, will keep granite at its best.
  • Granite countertops offer unparalleled beauty. No two pieces are the same, with veining, specks and swirls that can beguile the eye.
  • Granite also adds significant value to a home and is as versatile as they are sought-after. So if you can’t afford to install granite throughout your entire kitchen right now, you can install a granite island as an accent piece to your kitchen and choose another material for the perimeter. In this way, the granite island is bound to stand out.

Granite isn’t perfect; it’s only a nearly perfect choice. In other words, it’s not indestructible and can chip in extreme cases. However, granite is affordable, a very durable surface option, easy to maintain, and because granite’s complex, variegated quality deftly disguises any slight imperfections.

Let Synmar and Castech design consultants show you how granite can transform your kitchen with its resiliency and luster. Call us for a consultation and you’ll soon understand why granite is one of the best options available.


Bathroom Trend of glass showerYour bathroom can easily become outdated through the years. Adding cast marble shower borders or shower extensions and an updated glass door to your shower can provide an instant, functional update to your shower.

It’s a versatile, durable addition that can complement the look of any bathroom and make it seem bigger and brighter. Glass shower doors are the perfect way to show off shower renovations to their best advantage.

Consider custom-made cast marble shower extensions or shower borders

2nd-bathAdding custom-made cast marble shower extensions or borders to an existing shower is a cost efficient way to update your bathroom and add height for better functionality to your shower. Cast marble shower borders or shower extensions are custom-made to virtually any size and shape in a vast variety of colors and patterns that will complement your existing bath décor.

Avoid the high cost of having to replace your entire shower or bathroom. Synmar and Castech design consultants will assist you with the best cost-efficient way to update your shower or your entire bathroom without having to demo and replace everything in your bathroom.

Consider custom-made shower doors and glass enclosures

Sgreen wall and clear glass shower enclosure in a modern style bathroomhower doors may develop appearance issues over time. They’re exposed to a daily onslaught of water and chemicals, which can make the glass look dull and even form water spots over time. Replacing your existing shower door can have a big impact on the look of your entire bathroom.

Custom-made glass shower doors are one of the most popular trends in bathroom design. They are available in a wide array of designs, colors, tints, and thicknesses. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a more ornate shower door, there’s an option that will suit your preferences.

Frameless glass doors are a popular option that adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. They are one of the best ways to show off your new cast marble interior, since there’s no vertical metal to distract your view. Also, these doors are easy to maintain since they don’t have a metal track that can be hard to clean and keep from corroding. A wide variety of frameless options are available, offering a creative solution to suit any style of bathroom.

Limited on space? Instead of pivoting glass doors, sliding glass doors can be used for space-limited bath areas. These doors also come in a large variety of contemporary design options, as well as the highest level of convenience.


Ready to upgrade your bathroom? Contact us today. Our design team at Synmar & Castech can help you choose the right design and accent color for your shower interior, as well as giving you the best recommendations on contemporary glass options, so that your bathroom is transformed into a beautiful functional oasis.


The Process of Choosing Your New Kitchen Counters

Countertops are the centerpiece of your kitchen and should look great while lasting a lifetime.

Environmental stressors like humidity, high heat and sharp utensils, though, can put strain on kitchen counters, so choosing carefully and considering all of your options is definitely a decision that will pay off in the long run.

Popular Countertop Options

Certain options can give you more flexibility when it comes to preparing meals and allowing more guests to enjoy time spent in your kitchen. For instance, a stone countertop with additional overhang will result in additional countertop space and allow the space to entertain guests while also enjoying the benefits of stone’s resiliency.

Natural Stone Counters

Natural-GraniteOne word comes to mind when considering stone for your next counter: diversity. Whatever color, pattern and style you have in mind, there’s probably a stone out there to fit your expectations.

Natural Granite can lend an upscale flavor to your kitchen. Limestone and soapstone are two additional options you might consider as each lends a more laid-back, bohemian flare to your home’s decor.

Natural Granite or Stone countertops is custom-fabricated to match the dimensions of your kitchen. The top layer of stone counters are also sealed and polished to ensure years of durability. Natural Stone counters can also withstand the heat of sizzling pans and occasional contact with sharp objects.

Quart Counters 

Quartz-CountertopsQuartz is even more resilient against cuts, stains, heat and chips than granite or natural stones. A quartz countertop can also offer you a wide spectrum of colors and tones.

Surprisingly, quartz is also a non-porous material, which means that your family can enjoy a touch of luxury without taking undue precautions.

In short, quartz countertops can give you a contemporary look of beauty for years to come, and give your family years of worry-free durability.

Solid Surface Counters 

solid-surface-sink-drainboardSolid Surface Counters is a resin based countertop material that is extremely versatile, repairable and seamless.

Unlike natural stones, solid surface allows virtually any shape or size capability with a seamless finish. Solid Surface can also be made with seamless kitchen sink styles that can be molded into your Solid Surface countertops for an easy-to-clean harmonious finish to your kitchen counters.

Cast Marble Back Splashing

Cast Marble comes from a metamorphic rock and is incredibly easy to work with. This translates to easier installation, as well as a seamless, custom job. Cast Marble back splashing is also an incredibly affordable way to usher a touch of class into your kitchen’s overall decor.

Each piece of Cast Marble is unique and highly versatile. Cast marble can also be made in a custom color to match your countertops. Cast Marble back splashing can also be used to compliment your preexisting counters, allowing you a cost-efficient way to update your existing kitchen with a fresh new décor scheme.

Measuring for Success 

Getting your measurements right is an essential first step to take in order to determine whether your dream counter is doable and within your budget.

To get a rough estimate of how much your new countertops will cost, simply draw a rough sketch of your kitchen with dimensions, find out the material option(s) you’re considering (e.g., quartz), and an idea of what type of color and pattern you are leaning towards for your décor scheme.

You can use the guide below to keep tabs on every surface dimension. Make sure to factor in islands or set apart cooking areas into your calculations.


Visit the Synmar & Castech showroom in Atlanta, Georgia and meet with one of our design consultants to discuss design details, material options and estimated costs of your new kitchen countertops.


Cast marble shower walls and accessories bring beauty, durability and custom color options to your Atlanta home’s bath, all at an affordable price. When you look at the shower walls of your Atlanta-area home’s bathroom, do you feel uplifted or depressed? With wise planning and good design, your bath can deliver a huge return on investment, boosting your home’s value. If you find yourself wishing for bold, beautiful shower walls, consider the many benefits of cast marble.

Superior to Stone

green-wall-bathCast marble is a human-engineered, earth-friendly product that uses real minerals and polymers to blend and cast a building product that meets your exacting specifications for color, design, and durability. The International Cast Polymer Alliance (ICPA) provides an excellent online resource to help homeowners learn more about this versatile decorating product. It takes you through the steps of creating cast marble, ideal for bathroom shower walls:

• Working with your interior decorator or bathroom contractor, you select exciting colors and patterns you desire for your shower walls, shower pans, borders, bench or corner seats, shelving, soap dishes and more.
• Polymers (extremely strong, castable plastics) are combined with minerals to make every needed shape
• Colorants are added to the casting process to achieve precisely the color match you desire for your Atlanta-area home
• A “gel coat” is applied to produce a lifetime, high-gloss finish to your cast marble shower walls and accessories
• The finished product resists stains, bacteria and daily wear.

Superior Installation

Synmar-Cast-MarbleBy casting pieces to incorporate rounds, fluting, trim and irregular shapes, manufacturers of cast marble can equip your Atlanta home’s bathroom with easy-to-install shower walls and accessories that go up quickly, last for decades, and resist damage.

Quarried marble must be cleaved (split), sawn or carved to form shapes. It requires more labor than cast marble before and during installation, simply because of quarried marble’s weight, brittleness and susceptibility to breakage.

Cast marble shower walls have no grout lines. Seamless construction cuts down on cleaning time and gives no foothold for mold or mildew to grow.

Superior Environmental Impact

Marble quarries produce not just greenhouse gases from machinery and vehicles, but tremendous waste from cutting and removing marble pieces. Many of the so-called scraps previously had no use, but today form one of the ingredients of cast marble. Casting marble using polymers and marble dust rescues that waste, recycling it into beautiful, custom-crafted shower walls and accessories.

Superior Price and Durability

Cast marble shower walls can be made locally, without waiting for expensive imports or lengthy ground transportation from a port to your Atlanta home.

If you chip or crack quarried marble, be prepared for expensive repairs or replacements. Cast marble, however, is extremely durable, has no built-in fault lines and does not easily stain.

Quarried marble can be notoriously hard to maintain. Its open structure can easily stain and form water spots; however Cast Marble is not a porous material; therefore, allowing a practically maintenance-free, easy to clean surface for your bath.

Superior Choice

To best appreciate the beauty, diversity, color palette, and accessories available with cast marble, contact us or drop by the Synmar & Castech showroom. One of our design consultants will assist you with the all the options and choices available for your bath project.

It’s not your 80’s cultured marble! Choose from hundreds of decorator, designer buff series, onyx, composite granite or beach glass colors. Want a truly unique and one-of-a-kind color or pattern? Ask us about custom color creations specifically created and designed for your bath project. Run your hand over Cast Marble shower walls, feel the luxury of textured trim samples, and see how we can match any tile or paint sample to suit your discerning taste.