Cast Marble Shower Options

0X8A0067Barrier Free / ADA
Marble Floating Corner Seat Shelving/Seating
Recessed Marble Soap-Shampoo Dish Recessed Dishes
Marble Rope Trim Decorative Shower Trim
Shower Options
  • Standard sized shower pans
  • Custom-sized shower pans
  • ADA custom-sized shower pans
  • ADA shower ramps
  • Walk-In showers
  • Textured walk-in areas
  • Custom shower walls
  • Shower borders
  • Decorative shower trim
  • Custom bench seats
  • Floating corner seats
  • Shower shelving
  • Shower ceilings
  • Shower kneewall surrounds
  • Custom kneewall caps
  • Shower thresholds and risers
  • Recessed soap dishes
  • Recessed shampoo dishes
  • Recessed soap & shampoo combo dishes
  • Unique shapes and sizes
  • Custom wall surrounds
  • Custom shelving
  • Decorative fluted door trim
  • Custom pans can be made as small as 38” x 38” and as large as 96” x 72”
Custom Options We offer custom color matching in limitless variations, available in single sheets in 3/8” or 3/4” thickness and in sizes of up to 72” x 156”, as well as custom shapes and sizes of:
  • Tub steps
  • Shower seating
  • Shower and bathtub platforms
  • Window seats
  • Footers
  • Dry off areas
For custom color matching, please refer to the Solid Colors section for examples of colors that can be used to create your custom color.