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Atlanta Custom Designed Cast Marble Bathtubs and Whirlpools for the Ultimate Bathroom Relaxation

cast marble bathtubWe spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. Not only to keep clean, but also to relax and recharge from our daily lives. If you are looking to create a retreat in your bathroom, perhaps you should consider a custom fabricated cast marble tub or whirlpool bath from Synmar & Castech.

Cast marble, also known as cultured marble, has advanced in beauty and design over the years becoming one of the most popular materials of choice for today’s bathroom renovations. You get all the benefits with custom designed cast marble; a beautiful, unique look with durability and easy maintenance, without a high price tag.

The Unlimited Possibilities of Cast Marble Bathtubs

custom cast marble bathOur Atlanta fabricated cast marble bathtubs and whirlpool baths are available in an extremely large array of colors and patterns. Customization means we can match or complement your color scheme. Each piece is custom made specifically to size, color and shape for your one-of-a-kind bath. This also means that in most cases you will not need to relocate existing plumbing pipe lines, making replacement easier, especially on concrete slabs. Some of the custom cast marble tub products available from Synmar & Castech include:
  • Garden / soaking tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • Variety of jet finishes
  • Air / bubble tubs
  • Custom tub decks
  • Custom tub overlays
  • Tub skirts / tub aprons
  • Custom wall surrounds
  • Shampoo / soap dishes
  • Custom tub shelving
  • Tub heaters
  • Illumatherapy tub lighting

Cast Marble Bathtubs Provide Easy Cleaning and No More Grout!

cast marble bath tubAnother benefit of cast marble is that it eliminates the need for porous grout lines when you use it in place of tile. No more worries about water leakage caused from cracked grout. No more scrubbing grout as cast marble can be easily wiped down with any non-abrasive cleaning spray. In addition, cast marble is bacteria and mildew-resistant, making the process of cleaning easier and quicker, without requiring special cleaning products.

Upgrade the Ordinary to Extraordinary

Mix and match for the ultimate bath design. Not only can your cast marble tub design include contrasted / mixed colors to bring all your bathroom décor together, you can also use our natural granite, quartz or solid surface products for your tub deck, tub overlay, tub shelving or tub splashing. No matter what you want your dream bathroom to look like, you can have it with Synmar & Castech. Visit our showroom and ask our Atlanta custom cast marble bathtub design professionals about how we can customize your bathroom today.

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Custom Options
  • Unique shapes or sizes for Tub Decks and Overlays
  • Whirlpool Jets
  • Air Bath System
  • Combination Whirlpool and Air Bath System
  • In-Line Heater
  • Chromatherapy Lighting
  • Custom Surrounds
  • Jet colors in White (standard), Biscuit, Chrome, Plated Brass, Brushed Nickel or Bronze