Cast Marble

Cast marble, also known as cultured marble or cast stone, has been a popular choice for bath projects for many years. Sound bland? Think again! We offer a new generation of custom cast marble fixtures, including new color and design options far beyond the cultured marble of the last century. You won’t have to sacrifice quality with this less expensive, low maintenance and yet sophisticated option. Our custom designed cast marble fixtures are available in a large variety of design options; custom sizes, custom shapes, unlimited color palettes and patterns, decorative edge profiles, tub and shower design options, and vanity bowl styles. Best of all, we can create custom colors to match your tile, paint, cabinets, etc., allowing virtually unlimited color and design possibilities for all cast marble fixtures from Synmar & Castech.

Our cast marble fixtures include:

  • Vanity tops
  • Vanity sinks
  • Garden tubs
  • Whirlpool tubs
  • Air / Bubble tubs
  • Tub decks / overlays
  • ADA shower pans
  • Custom-sized shower pans
  • Walk-in showers
  • Shower seats
  • Accessible showers
  • Shower walls
  • Shower ceilings
  • Shower thresholds
  • Shower soap / shampoo dishes
  • Decorative shower trim
  • Shower borders
  • Knee-wall caps
  • Window trim
  • Wet bars

Let the showroom consultants help you design your own personal retreat with custom fabricated marble fixtures from Synmar & Castech. To get started, simply bring in a rough sketch of your bath with dimensions, and any tile, cabinet or paint selections you have chosen. Our Atlanta custom cast marble fixture design professionals will assist you with the best cast marble product options, design options and layouts for your new bath. We will assist you through the entire process to produce a bath that will be everything you dreamed it could be.

Today’s cast marble provides unique options and unlimited color and design options. An Italian palazzo, a country estate, a Manhattan loft or tropical paradise: with cast marble, any design dream lies within reach. Come visit us at our Georgia showroom and let us show you how we can create the bath of your dreams with custom designed cast marble fixtures from Synmar & Castech.

It’s Not Your 80’s Cultured Marble!




black cast marble bathroom vanity with undermounted sinks

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Why Cast Stone?

Nature’s Beauty With Science’s Advantages


Cast Stone combines the beauty of natural and engineered minerals with the strength of high performance resins to create a luxurious material with the look and feel of natural stone, but with a wealth of advantages. Lighter weight, warmer to the touch than quarried materials, yet stronger and more durable than plastics, Cast Stone also offers unequalled flexibility for creative design solutions.

Good Looks That Last


Cast Stone’s beauty is built to last. Chemically bonded and mineral enhanced, this tough surface is strong as well as non-porous. Since Cast Stone is created under controlled conditions, there are none of the hidden structural weaknesses or fault lines found in natural stone. Cast bath materials deliver strength and beauty in surfaces that never require sealing and do not promote the creation of bacteria, mold or fungi like natural stone materials can.

Exceptional Design Flexibility


Soft angles, gentle curves, decorative edges, built-in conveniences – Cast Stone delivers them all. Whether you prefer old world grace or sleek modern lines, enjoy a bath that reflects your style. Let sinks and vanities merge into a single, dramatic shape. See bathtubs become as handsome as their surrounds. Even simple shower walls take on new elegance. Since Cast Stone is custom designed and created, anything is possible.

Practically Maintenance Free


One of the most stain-resistant surfaces available, Cast Stone also happens to be the easiest to maintain – simply wipe clean with glass cleaner or another non-abrasive cleaner. Mold and mildew simply do not grow on its non-porous surface – a definite plus for showers, baths and kitchens. Scratches and burns can easily be buffed out. And, in the rare case of a chip, repairs are easily made. Cast Stone not only adds luxury to your bath, it takes away troublesome chores.