What is Cast Marble?

A popular choice for bathrooms, cast marble is unique in that it is durable, repairable, and versatile. In addition, being man-made is what differentiates it from traditional marble. It is created using resin and polymer, which gives it the look we all love but with lower costs.Cast Marble Sink Countertop
Since each piece of cast marble is custom-made, bath tubs, showers and vanity tops can be crafted into different shapes as well as a variety of colors, patterns and designs. The color of your choice can be created to match all your décor schemes. This allows for more variety than you could ever imagine with natural marble.
The Benefits of Using Cast Marble
Cast marble is not only more versatile than other products, but also more durable. Cast marble has a protective coating, allowing a non-porous surface that also helps to prevent staining to occur. Unlike other products, with cast marble, scratches, chips and even gouges can be repaired in most cases. Other products can create functional problems with day-to-day use, however for bathroom applications, cast marble is more ideal.
This type of man-made marble is solid, so you do not have to worry about cracks or grout issues. For this very reason, cast marble is the best choice for showers and bathtubs. Since there are no grout lines, you do not have to worry about mold growing on your cast marble surface or the common cracks you see in tile.
Another advantage of cast marble is the ease of cleaning. Cast marble can be easily wiped clean using almost any non-abrasive household cleaner and a squeegee. Most cleaners will not damage cast marble because it is not porous like natural stone. Cast marble is practically maintenance-free and does not have to be sealed periodically like other surfaces.
Cast Marble BathtubLastly, cast marble has such a vast array of color options and patterns allowing virtually any decor idea and design to become a reality. You can select neutral colors that go with everything or something bold to fit your style. But no matter what color scheme you are working with, you can still depend on cast marble being the absolute best option when seeking to design and build your dream bath.
Why Choose Cast Marble?
Each piece of cast marble is custom-made to fit your space and design ideas, giving you a one-of-a-kind custom-designed bath. Cast marble is more durable, more cost efficient, easily to clean, repairable and practically maintenance free. With cast marble you have more design capabilities and more benefits than with natural stone. Therefore, keep cast marble top of mind when you are planning to design and remodel your dream bath. Talk to our professionals today about cast marble options to build the bath that fits your dream, your lifestyle.