Everything About Bathroom Sinks

If you are among the many homeowners interested in remodeling one or more bathrooms in your home, upgrading the sink and vanity top is often an excellent place to start. Completely change the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom by exploring some of

New Bathroom Sink Designs For 2015

When it comes to sprucing up the atmosphere in your bathroom, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s all about design.  And while redesigning your bath area may seem like a difficult task to take on, you can take

Tips on Picking Granite Countertop Colors

Granite countertops offer classic elegance in a hard, durable surface. It works perfectly in many hardworking areas of your home, including the kitchen, bath, bar area, and outdoor grilling spaces. In addition, granite comes in dozens of color combinations and

Upcoming Kitchen Trends for 2015

Every year there is yet another evolution for the decorating trends of the modern kitchen. This year, the 2015 kitchen has a lot to offer. From wood grains to metals – there are colors and materials to consider. The Value of

Kitchen Island Design Basics

Kitchen islands are all the rage. In addition to providing a wonderful aesthetic, they can be outfitted with extra appliances, seating, and counter space. When it comes to combining function with beauty, there may not be a better solution for

Avoid Poor Traffic Flow When Remodeling Your Kitchen

The kitchen is an important area of the house. Not only is it where meals are prepared, but also where people love to congregate and socialize. While the game is on in the family room, half the guests are on

Piedrafina Marble Now Available from Synmar & Castech

Synmar & Castech is excited to introduce a brand new bathroom product: Piedrafina Marble. Piedrafina, a beautiful, earth-friendly engineered stone, is an affordable solution that combines nature and engineering to achieve the color and quality you desire for your bathroom.

Sinks: New Art for Your Bathroom

We all love having beautiful art in our home. Nothing wows guests and makes us feel more comfortable in our home than seeing beautiful artwork that we personally took the time to select and purchase; but did you know that

How to Select the Right Kitchen Countertop

Whether you are remodeling, building a kitchen from scratch or ready to give your kitchen a face-lift, one of the most important components is the perfect countertop to fit your needs and lifestyle. Several options are available for kitchen countertops

The Rise and Fall of Natural Granite Countertops

Natural granite countertops have always been a thing of beauty. Sturdy, seemingly ever-lasting, and quite stylish in its own way, granite has been a popular countertop material choice for many years. Recently more and more people have been asking the